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Somehow I can clearly hear “The Winds of Change”. Michelle Lewin


Somehow I can clearly hear “The Winds of Change”. Michelle Lewin

Michelle Lewin is one of the hardest working fitness models in the sport of fitness today. Michelle’s risen from your average girl next door to one of the world’s most renowned female fitness competitors.

With a successful history in modeling at an early age, she knew that there was more to be achieved than the catwalk alone. Stepping into the gym she soon realized her full potential, she’s risen from cover model to a social media icon in short space of time.

Featuring in music videos, to the front cover of magazines, winning IFBB competitions, and her own social media channel for training and nutrition. Michelle’s not only a star on the stage, she’s also devoted to her fans and is always open to give advice to whoever needs it the most.

Se is also active on social media. She posted a pictures and write “Somehow I can clearly hear “The Winds of Change”🎶 And it’s not far away. Not far away at all…❤️”

She posted a video and write “Prepare for a cute, sexy & seamless summer🫶🏻
-From my design drawings to reality: That lil’ black dress “CATACOMBS” is now available on @one0one_USA 🖤🥰”