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Movement That Aims To Empower People Through The Spread Of Positive Thinking. Riya Sen


Movement That Aims To Empower People Through The Spread Of Positive Thinking. Riya Sen

Riya Sen is an Indian actress and model. who predominantly appears in Hindi, Bengali, English, Telugu and Tamil films. Sen comes from a royal background; her father Bharat Dev Varma hails from the royal family of Tripura.

She is active on social media. She share a picture and write “Bāliśya is a movement that aims to empower people through the spread of positive thinking while engendering responsible inner growth through sustainable practices by encouraging mindfulness, consciousness and inclusivity by truly believing in the fact that the foundation of our equality lies in the very essence of our diversity.
We’d like to take you on a journey where it is mission critical to deconstruct yourself with respect to your present surroundings and return to a state of being that craves knowledge and experience through holistic physical, mental and spiritual evolution.”

She share another pic and write “So happy to have a great bunch of people sign up for our wellness and music festival in Morjim, Goa from the 7th – 10th of October 2022. There are now only a very few spots left and we look forward to more of you being a part of this experience. We’ve got a great line up of musicians and wellness practitioners that will make this intimate retreat really special! Get in touch”

Another pic she write “Come and experience an eclectic shift in energy by signing up for Bāliśya’s exclusive wellness and music festival at our favourite haunt, Morjim, North Goa, from the 7th to 10th of October 2022. Live music bands, Shamanic sound healing, Tai Chi, Qigong, Yin yoga, Trishthana ashtanga yoga and transcendental meditation await you! Limited spots available and bookings are open now. For more information, please write in to “