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It’s never too late to start over. 🦋 Amina Taha


It’s never too late to start over. 🦋 Amina Taha

Amina Taha live in Dubai, She originally Egyptian. She is currently a fashion designer as well as a yoga teacher – Amina Taha have an equal passion for both. She have grown up to love art, music, movement and lately. She have discovered a new passion which is yoga. It has changed her life in so many ways. When she moved to Dubai from New York, She had just finished fashion school and was about to start her first job as a designer. She was feeling very anxious and a little homesick, her country was going through troubled times and she didn’t know where “home” really was.

Amina Taha had found herself in New York and it was sad to leave. Decided to go to a yoga class out of curiosity and boredom while waiting my job to start. She was hooked. She was obsessed with standing on her head, and she was amazed at how every time she would practicd alone, her body would give in a little bit more. This releasing of years of tension was so freeing for her – then Amina Taha started to get even more curious about what yoga actually meant and how this journey goes deeper than standing on your head or touching your toes. It was an inner and outer transformation.

She started reading a lot about anatomy and watching so many different teachers, taking what she loved and what worked best for her in her own practice. Amina Taha started also getting very excited and wanting to teach everyone whatever new pose she was learning herself. She knew it was time to travel and learn more about yoga, and get my certification to officially be able to teach. She went back to New York and did her training. It was rewarding in so many ways. Now she happily teach everyday and she believe she was meant to do this! she get such a joy from it and every student teaches you something new.