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Logina Salah Beautiful Pictures from Her Social Media Account


Logina Salah Beautiful Pictures from Her Social Media Account

If you don’t know who Logina Salah is, she is an Egyptian influencer, blogger, makeup artist and vitiligo advocate. She is well-known for her personal story battling vitiligo and going through the journey of self-acceptance.

She posted a picture and write “And in this year here are 10 things I learned and would like to advise you on:
1-forgive yourself for the mistakes you made when you didn’t know better
2-Don’t wait for people to believe in you,be proud of yourself even when no one applaud you for any achievement
3-Time is the most limited resource you have so use it wisely and don’t spend a single second waiting for anyone
4- Get out of your comfort zone ,
Be open & get ready for leveling up
5- If it’s out of your hands it deserves freedom from your mind too, don’t bother yourself with anything you cannot control
6-Everything you want is on the other side of fear
7- Grow a lot, pray often & love more.
8-The most amazing things in life happen just when you’re about to give up. Keep the faith
9- All the love you’ve given away will come back to you, do good and be kind
10- The practice of staying present will heal you
Obsessing about the future will turn out creates anxiety, replaying broken scenarios from the past cause anger or sadness. Stay here, in this moment.
11-You don’t owe anyone an explanation for being yourself
What’s your piece of advice for 2022?”