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New energy for creativity ❤️ Heba Magdy

New energy for creativity ❤️ Heba Magdy

Heba Magdy is a young Egyptian actress who graduated from the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ain Shams in the department of theater criticism. She also studied Arab music in the Academy of Art, and was a ballet dancer. Heba started acting when she joined the Egyptian Opera House under the leadership of Dr. Gamal Salaama, and then trained under Maestro Salah Aram.

Afterwards, Heba appeared in TV series “Boogy We Tamtam” (Boogy and Tamtam) and in “Fawazeer Amo Fouad” between 1998 and 2003.

Heba’s first experience in television was in the TV serial “El Aid Al Wan,” directed by Mohammed Regany when she was still young. Heba also appeared in several children’s TV programs, including Fathy Abd El Wahab and Rania Farid Shoky’s “A’ila Magnuna Gedan” (A Really Crazy Family). Heba’s career really took off with the TV series “Ana We Ha’ola’” (Me and These Guys) with the famous actor Mohamed Sobhy.

Afterwards, she appeared in the series “El Farisa We El Seyad” (The Prey and the Hunter) with actor Mamdouh Abdelalim and director Khairy Beshara. In the past few years, Heba has increased her television appearances, which has made her one of the most famous TV stars.