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The city that never sleeps but always Dreams. Yasmine Sabri

The city that never sleeps but always Dreams. Yasmine Sabri

Yasmine Ashraf Sabri was born in 21 January 1988, is an Egyptian actress. Sabri made her debut in the television industry in 2013 with the series Khatawat El Shaytan (transl. ”Devil’s Steps”), Sabri’s breakthrough came with a leading roles in the 2019 series Hekayti (transl. ”My Story”) and 2020’s Forsa Tanya (transl. ”Second Chance”).

Sabri was born and raised in Alexandria. Her father, Ashraf Sabri, works as a doctor, while her mother is a swimmer. Her parents divorced later and Sabri said in an interview that she was only raised by her mother and grandmother, “There is no relationship between me and my father, but the separation is not a reason because people make choices in their life, and there are people who choose to take responsibility and complement the other, and other people choose themselves” she said.

In 2022, Sabri stated that she grew up as a poor child and studied in a public school in Alexandria, which was denied by her father, who took his Facebook account to reveal that Sabri was a “spoiled girl” and said that the actress went to one of the “highest” schools in Alexandria to deny her allegations.

Sabri was married prior to her career in 2012. She revealed her marriage to the public for the first time in 2015. Then, in 2017, she stated on a television program that her husband’s name is Muhammad, they separated later after five years of marriage.

In April 2020, Sabri married Egyptian businessman Ahmed Abu Hashima in a wedding ceremony with the presence of relatives only due to the COVID-19 epidemic.[21][22][23]

At the 2020 El Gouna Film Festival, Sabri received backlash for her comments on the COVID-19 when she was asked about the pandemic by a reporter, “No, I am not obsessed with fear. I go on with my life,” she said “Isn’t there a possibility that we were infected with the virus and now it’s gone? It’s common sense, it’s going to infect the whole world,” she then said “Whoever gets it, gets it, and who moves on, moves, and survival is for the strongest.”