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Aamir Liaquat Announces Third Marriage


Aamir Liaquat announces third marriage with Dania Shah

Aamir Liaquat Hussain is a Pakistani politician, columnist, television host and comedian. Amir is a timetop-ranking TV anchor and has been listed three times in The 500 influential Muslims worldwide, and among 100 popular personalities of Pakistan.

Recently he announced on social media about his third marriage with Dania Shah. After that Pakistani Social Media Platform Twitter Trending #amirliaquat on number 1. Aamir Liaquat post a picture on his social media account and write “Tie a knot with,Syeda Dania Shah,18,belong to an honourable Najeeb ut Tarfain“Sadaat”Family of Lodhran,South Punjab, saraiki,lovely,charming, simple&darling.I would like to request all of my well wishers,please pray for us, I have just passed the dark tunnel, it was a wrong turn.”

In another post he posted along with the caption “Trending in #Paksitan Aamir Liaquat is #AamirLiaquat Some think it is over. Allah smiles and says, “Look, my servant is alive. No one can finish it unless I want to.”

Aamir Liaquat Hussain also post on Social Media account that “PM Pakistan Imran Khan Call him and congratulate him about marriage”

On his social media account Instagram he posted some of his video along with Dania. You can see here