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Biography And Interesting Fact About Juliana Esteso

Biography And Interesting Fact About Juliana Esteso

Juliana Esteso is an international athlete, a champion of France, a nutrition student anda body building enthusiast. Juliana Esteso became one of the fitness figures because of my unusual physics. This physics Juliana Esteso acquired after more than 12 years of bodybuilding practice. To have such a physics, She can’t do things at random, she need to haveknowledge, she need to know the way. Of course at the beginning of her journey she made many mistakes, she didn’tknow what to eat before my session or the appropriate interval between alow body session and the other, or even how to spread my macronutrientsduring her 💪 day.

So she started searching for information, she realized that physical change, likeany other discipline, requires being done with intelligence, knowing exactlywhere she want to go. In addition, in her country bodybuilding is more than a sport practice, it is apassion, a devotion, practiced with respect and joy, in Brazil we have aparticular vision of bodybuilding and fitness. It is this vision that she tryingto convey to my students. Physical change experienced with joy, passion and lightness. Juliana Esteso always knew that her mission of life was to motivate and help others, eventhough she didn’t really know how she was going to do that; until the day she startedcoaching.

She found her place in the world. Every change, every report she received from mystudents, every audio full of emotions and thanks made me sure that thisprofession is above all her greatest passion. Juliana Esteso is incredibly fit, and she’s been recognized for it both on social media and the bodybuilding world. Back in 2017, the Brazilian athlete found success in the IFBB’s Wellness division when it made its debut in France, where she’s lived since 2015. For those unfamiliar with the various physique competition categories, judges in the Wellness division look for a very developed lower body with a more toned-down upper body, and it allows for a bit more body fat than some of the other women’s categories.

Esteso was seemingly built to compete in Wellness, with her legs stealing the show in nearly every photo she posts on social media. Even leggings can’t hide the incredible amount of muscle packed onto her quads and hamstrings. She hasn’t competed in some time, but she always seems to be in competition shape, and she keeps her more than 382,000 Instagram followers updated.

Check out some of her most muscular posts below. But be warned: You’re going to want to add another leg day to your split after you do.