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Complain to your heroes that have failed you… not to me. Britt Baker


Complain to your heroes that have failed you… not to me. Britt Baker

Brittany Baker was born in April 23, 1991, is an American professional wrestler and dentist. She is signed to All Elite Wrestling (AEW), where she is the current AEW Women’s World Champion in her first reign. Born in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, Baker made her debut as a professional wrestler in 2015 and attended dental school from 2014 to 2018. The following year, she became the first woman signed to AEW.

Brittany Baker was born on April 23, 1991, in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania. She studied behavioral medicine with a minor in human development and family studies at Pennsylvania State University. She began her professional wrestling training in June 2014, when she enrolled in the International Wrestling Cartel training academy in South Hills, Pennsylvania, training under the tutelage of Super Hentai and Marshall Gambino. That same year, Baker enrolled in the University of Pittsburgh School of Dental Medicine, graduating in May 2018. While studying dentistry, she trained in Absolute Intense Wrestling in Cleveland, Ohio, under Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae.

Baker’s legitimate profession as a dentist was often referenced as part of her character in AEW, so much so that Pro Wrestling Torch observed that “it became a parody”. The character was originally described as “happy”, but following her heel turn, it has been described as “too proud” and “delusional”. The character also began referring to herself as a “role model”. She uses a fusion of a scissored armbar and the mandible claw, which attacks an opponent’s mouth, as a finisher, named Lockjaw. Baker associates with Tony Schiavone, whom she calls one of her best friends, and fellow professional wrestler Rebel, who accompanies her during her matches.

Baker is a member of the American Dental Association. In addition to working as a professional wrestler, she is employed as a dentist at a private practice in Winter Park, Florida. She said in 2018 that dentistry was her “forever dream job”, adding that she intended to continue practicing alongside her wrestling career and afterwards. She stated that she has an agreement with her employing office for it to remain closed on Wednesdays to allow her to travel for Dynamite.

Baker is in a relationship with fellow professional wrestler Adam Cole.