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Watch Some of Beautiful Pictures of Maddy Maddawg


Watch Some of Beautiful Pictures of Maddy Maddawg

Maddy Maddawg Forberg was younger She was constantly searching for a community of some sort. She tried every hobby and sport under the sun. Nothing ever clicked for Her.

Maddy Maddawg wasn’t frustrated at the fact that nothing came naturally to her, but more so that everything felt like a shot in the dark. She struggled with self harm, depression, and at 17 She tried to end her life. At the time She perception of fitness was limited to: eating only an apple and black coffee, and running until She passed out.

But then came a day at the gym where She saw her two best friends slapping hands and slamming weights. Doing some sport called powerlifting, where the goal is to test your limits in strength and tenacity. It felt like her life had restarted and repurposed the first time She got that barbell in her hands.

Through hardships, break ups, ramen-eating nursing school days, the barbell was there. There’s nothing she love more than seeing people use the strength within them. She hope you find the barbell can change your life the way she did. She can’t wait to help you start.