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Made of my favourite velvet fabric, new dresses Said Bojana Krsmanovic


Made of my favourite velvet fabric, new dresses Said Bojana Krsmanovic

Bojana Krsmanovic, often just called Bo, is a Serbian model born in Krnjaca, Belgrade, in 1992. She has begun to work from the age of 14. She was introduced to the fashion world by her sister who is a fashion designer by profession. She is studying at the private Megatrend University at the Business Studies Department.

When she was a girl, she had a boyish look, so nobody could have imagined that, a few years later, she would look like one of the most beautiful and most successful top models of all time, Cindy Crawford. Her schoolmates laughed at her height and her slim figure, so she trained karate and applied it on them. She had her first job abroad as a fifteen-year-old during Fashion Week in Athens.

This way she learned from her older colleagues and gained the confidence she needed. In 2012, she appeared in the video for the song “Forget” performed by Tropico Band. She looks back on a rich career that includes cooperation with famous designers, numerous magazines and cover pages in magazines. These editorials include Elle U.S., Sports Illustrated and Maxim.

She has also starred in campaigns for Guess and Intimissimi. Although she travels and works a lot, her college is a very important part in the future, so she wants to complete her postgraduate studies. Having succeeded on the European market, it was her dream to succeed on the US market and to work in New York, a city that is considered the most important in the world of fashion industry.

The first step towards this was the cooperation with “Guess” in Barcelona, ​​which was continued in Los Angeles. In autumn / winter season 2014 she recorded a campaign for Guess jeans and Guess accessorize. She found herself in the company of a colleague: Jeiji Hadid, Samante Hups, Jara Kmidan, Silvie Tolu, and Nik Fuket. In 2015 she was re-elected as Guess Guardian for the autumn campaign with her colleagues: Grays Elizabeth, Silvio Tolo and Mata Trea.

She spends most of his time abroad for work, and most often for shows of bathing suits and underwear, as this way she can best show her curves. Although many advised her to lose weight, she did not agree to it because she considers her figure her trademark.

Although she is compared to Cindy Crawford for her lips, and for her sensuality with Monica Bellucci and Sophia Loren, Bojana strives to be unique and original. Despite the market that requires certain proportions and values with which Bojana does not fully comply, she does not give up on what sets her apart from the masses and makes her recognizable.

She maintains her figure with exercise, four times a week, most commonly in the gym, but sometimes jogging. Due to the amount of training she does not have any special diet, she only tries to consume healthy foods.