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Sanjana Rishi Show Her Baby Bump on Her Social Media


Sanjana Rishi Show Her Baby Bump on Her Social Media

Usually, when we see an Indian wedding, we notice that the bride drapes a saree or wears a lehenga or a gown and nothing different. But with time, the modern brides now don’t think about the societal norms. They make their decisions based on what’s best for them. Sanjana Rishi had chosen a pantsuit and had paired it with a veil at her wedding and had faced massive trolling. But she had brushed them off and wore the same suit at her pregnancy shoot as well. Now, that’s a powerful move!

Marriages are supposed to spread happiness and joy. Every bride and groom dreams to have a perfect wedding one day. And, when that day comes closer, they try to put in all their efforts to make it work and create their own fairytale. From a proper wedding couture to a mesmerising venue, the best delicacy platter to the most suited music playlist, and not to forget the guest list- everything needs to be in sync and perfection.