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Syed Farrukh Hashmi caught Sowa Fish or Kir Fish From Karachi Sea

Syed Farrukh Hashmi caught Sowa Fish or Kir Fish From Karachi Sea

According to source, a man from Karachi named Syed Farrukh Hashmi. He is a professional by the way, but he loves to catch fish or you can say that his hobby is fishing. His friends said that about him that he never buy fish to cook. Whenever he want to cook or eat fish, he go fishing. He go for fishing almost every month and sometimes he even go fishing twice a month. Include many friends who go fishing with him and have a lot of fun. There is also a friend who likes to eat fish but does not like to go fishing.

Syed Farrukh Hashmi has also made his own bag for fishing in which all his items are ready at all times. Whenever he have to go, he pick up his bag and go out. Recently, he went for fishing with some of his friends on a beach near Karachi Port and while fishing, he came across a fish which is not eaten by hunting but is sold after hunting. The name of this fish is Sowa Fish or Kir Fish.

Why is Sowa Fish or Kir Fish so expensive and what is its significance? This species of fish lives in the deep sea and comes ashore only during the breeding season. Locally known as Sowa Fish or Kir Fish. This fish is known to make medicine from its chest and intestines in the stomach. People say that its intestines are used to make stitches. That is why this fish is so important and it sells very expensive.

Syed Farrukh Hashmi sold the fish picker for Rs 50,000 to Rs 60,000. At the same time, they caught more fish. Which he ate with great pleasure with his family and friends. Syed Farrukh Hashmi has made his name among the big fishermen of Karachi by catching Sowa Fish or Kir Fish.

Syed Farrukh Hashmi said that he would try his best to catch more Sowa Fish or Kir Fish.