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Biography And Interesting Fact About Linda Durbesson


Biography And Interesting Fact About Linda Durbesson

Linda Durbesson was born in December 20, 1979, is a Fitness model and professional trainer known for the creation of her own LD Fit line of merchandise, skin care, and supplements. She’s grown incredibly popular on social media, accruing more than 1.1 million followers on her Instagram alone.

Linda was born and raised in the south of France, Carpentras. She is an only child of her parents. She had always been passionate about sports from an early age. At 5-years-old, she was practicing classical Ballet, modern jazz dance, Martial arts, Tennis and Mountain biking.

In her teenage years, she was also active in Kitesurfing, Track and field, Karate, Basketball and Handball. She is believed to have excelled at every discipline she undertook during her time at an unspecified French high school, from where she matriculated in 1997.

The Fitness model had no interest in furthering her studies for a while, but ultimately obtained a college education 17 years later, graduating from an unknown US institution with a master’s degree in personal training in 2014.

While numerous members of her audience think she follows a strict workout plan every week, provided that she also sells said plans for a living, this is actually not true. Linda makes an effort to train six days per week, but the exercises she performs in the process aren’t set in stone.

She often improvises to accommodate her current needs, sometimes focusing more on her legs, and sometimes her upper body, but most of the time tries to keep an even balance between the two. Linda most frequently does about 20 reps in a super-set, which is her favorite way to exercise. For cardio, she runs on the treadmill almost every day.

Unlike her workouts, her diet is somewhat complicated. She carefully chooses her meal plans from week to week, adding or removing specific foods in order to keep a perfect balance of protein and Vitamin in her system. Throughout the changes, though, Fruit and Leaf vegetable can always be found on her table.
What most people wouldn’t suspect is that Linda is a big fan of candy and Chocolate, but she evidently doesn’t indulge in sweets too often, saving them only for the weekly ‘cheat day’.

A few years after becoming involved with a thus-far mysterious man, Linda traveled with him to the US. She is thought to have had odd jobs to make ends meet at this point, which changed once their relationship fell apart in 2010.

Linda started going to the Gym to combat Depression, thus creating the enviable physique that would generate her net worth in the years to come. She already had plenty of modeling offers before pursuing her degree, but kept out of the business until 2014.

By 2016 Linda was already an Instagram sensation with a rising income, which is when she created her own website, used to promote and sell every bit of fitness and nutritional advice she had to offer.
Her official brand is entitled “LDFIT” (Linda Durbesson Fit), encompassing a variety of products, including clothing, exercise and diet plans, supplements, etc. In 2019 this site is her main source of income, while she is also no stranger to earning through YouTube ads.

She posts her workouts on the popular video network, thereby promoting both her brand and Instagram page. She isn’t keen on professional photoshoots, and almost never advertises another fitness product on her Instagram page.