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Biography And Interesting Fact About Noor Naim

Biography And Interesting Fact About Noor Naim

Noor Stars or Noor Naim is an Iraqi YouTube content creator who has gained a massive fan following for making videos related to beauty, comics, and vlogs. She is the first person in the Arab world to reach 11 million subscribers on the social platform.

Noor Stars, also known as Noor Naim, was born in Iraq and brought up in Damascus, the Syrian Arab Republic. She moved to Turkey, Istanbul for completing her primary education. Later, Noor Stars graduated with a specialized degree in business administration from the USA.

Noor Stars started her YouTube journey in 2014. Her first video was published on 24 November 2014 and the video was named ‘What’s on My iPhone.’ She started with posting short vlogs and later started posting videos related to makeup and beauty.

On 24 December 2015, Noor Stars posted a video titled ‘20 Tips for Your Period,’ which dragged a lot of attention on her content from women all over the globe. Simultaneously, she also started uploading comedy skits and challenge videos.

‘Do Not Play This Game After 12:00’ and ‘The Difference between the Bride & Married Girl’ are the two most popular videos of her on the internet. Noor Stars have gained more than 18 Million subscribers and over 2 Billion views on her YouTube Channel.

She is often seen posting for various brand promotions on her social media accounts. Noor Stars is also a popular Instagram influence and has more than 10 Million followers over there. Noor is a coffee lover and can’t go even a single day without drinking coffee.

She has worked with brands such as KitKat, Pantene, Sunsilk, Bellami, where she shared her favourite products with her fans in fun product integration videos. In May 2014, Noor Stars was listed in the Arab World’s most popular YouTubers by the Forbes Middle East.

In December 2017 she was featured in the Youtube Rewind 2017 and became the first Arabian girl to appear for the YouTube official video.