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Biography And Interesting Fact About Areeka Haq


Biography And Interesting Fact About Areeka Haq

Areeka Haq is a Pakistani social media star who gained her fame from the Tik Tok account. She began posting her videos on Tik Tok on a regular base in August 2018. she is also known for her beautiful looks, cute smile, style, and fiery personality. This young lady has a fan following of 3.3 million on Tik Tok. Her lip-syncing with the sound and acting helped her become the second most popular Tik Tok celebrity in Pakistan. Currently, she is living in Karachi, Pakistan.

The beautiful young lady Areeka Haq is 16-year-old. Her birthday was on October 20, 2003. Because of her beautiful looks, her picture gets viral within a few hours of upload. She has a fan following of 722k on Instagram. her cut on the eyebrow is a Catchy and attractive.

Tik Tok is an application which offers users with a platform to produce a unique video just by lip-sync with the sound. The app was released in the year 2017. But it has gained fame in such a small time. Because the public is liking this platform and using it actively. There are almost 120 million active users.

She is a beautiful Pakistani Tik Tok star with a fan following more than 3.3 million. The Internet brought a revolution in the world. It evolves way of living and profession my introducing new web applications and web-based jobs. One can earn an entire livelihood by making quality content.

The beautiful young lady has around 3.3 million followers. Itโ€™s crazy how social media has made even ordinary things entertaining with funny videos, memes and now with apps like Tik Tok, thereโ€™s an excess of content available bringing fame to ordinary people like her.

Tik Tok has gained quite a lot of fame in Pakistan as well as bagging thousands of Pakistani users. Areeqa Haq is one of the most popular because of her creative style, cute expression.