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Mexican Streamer AriGameplays Is Finally Back

Mexican Streamer AriGameplays Is Finally Back

Mexican streamer AriGameplays is finally back on Twitch and having some incredible success, picking up close to half a million followers in only a few weeks.

In the past, getting banned from Twitch could be a bit of a death sentence for streamers. There have been other platforms to pivot to, but things have changed in the last few years.

Many streamers have voluntarily ditched Twitch for YouTube and Facebook, but there are plenty still making a switch because of punishment from Twitch.

In the case of popular Mexican stream AriGameplays, she was banned from Twitch in late 2019, first heading to stream on nonolive before switching to Facebook Gaming. However, she’s since made her return to Twitch and is seeing success.

When the streamer made her return on September 10, over 90,000 viewers tuned in to watch her first stream back and while viewership has dropped off a bit, she’s still averaging a decent chunk of viewers.

However, it’s in the follower game where she’s seen her biggest gains. Since that return, AriGameplays has picked up close to 500,000 new followers, taking her to just a tick over 2.2 million in total.

According to stats from SullyGnome, only Spanish star Ibai has picked up more followers than her in September but it’s only a few thousand more, which is quite the feat given she’s only been back since the 10th.

The initial boom in new followers likely comes from people who were her elsewhere giving her a follow over on Twitch, but AriGameplays has continued to pick up pockets of new followers after that boom.

Since returning to Twitch she’s been quite consistent with streams, which will probably only see her continue to grow. The Mexican is still a ways off the likes of Pokimane when it comes to followers, but 2.2 million followers aren’t shabby either way.