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Biography And Interesting Fact About Heather Hardy

Biography And Interesting Fact About Heather Hardy

Heather Hardy was born in January 25, 1982, is an American professional boxer and mixed martial artist. In boxing, she held the WBO featherweight title from 2018 to 2019. She is also a trainer, living and working in Brooklyn, New York. As of September 2020, she is ranked as the world’s third best active female featherweight by BoxRec and fourth by The Ring.

Heather Hardy was born on January 25, 1982 to John and Linda Hardy and is of Irish descent. She has two younger siblings, Kaitlyn and Colin. Hardy had married her highschool sweetheart in 2004, but after some hard times the pair divorced in 2010. Hardy was raised in Gerritsen Beach in South Brooklyn.

While in school, Hardy was active in athletics, aspiring to become the first female pitcher for the New York Yankees. Hardy went on to major in Forensic Psychology at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in Manhattan. She graduated at the age of 22.

Following her rise to fame, Hardy has been a persistent voice for women’s boxing. In 2013, shortly after women’s boxing was declared as a featured sport in the 2012 London Olympics, an independent film director named Natasha Verma tackled the subject of the gender wage gap in boxing through her film “Hardy”. She interviewed Hardy on her experiences and talked about how she was changing the face of a generally male dominated sport.

In 2016, Hardy partnered with Dove on their #MyBeautyMySay campaign.