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Who Is Tatiana Avila Bouru ? Read More About Her


Who Is Tatiana Avila Bouru ? Read More About Her

Tatiana was born in Cannes, France. Her understanding of working with the physical body began at an early age. At the age of 7 years old, she was already competing all over France during rhythmic gymnastics competitions. A dance career then opened up. It began in France, specializing in ballet, and brought her to New York City.

She spent 2 years at the world-renowned Merce Cunningham dance school. The hectic and demanding world of dance pushed Tatiana to turn to vinyasa yoga classes, as a way to relieve the pressure. After putting herself under intense daily practices with some of NYC best known teachers, she participated, in 2012, to the 200 RYT training at Sonic Yoga, in Hell’s Kitchen NYC. That same year, she moved to Paris where her teaching path began. She still continued training at one of NYC best yoga centres, Laughing Lotus Yoga centre. It truly moulded the style of teaching Tatiana has been passionate about ever since.

A Lotus class can be defined as: an uplifting, innovative and soulful journey. A practice steeped in the timeless traditions of yoga, and fused with music and divine inspiration. In 2015, she joined the Lululemon ambassador program and has been representing Lululemon at various events throughout the city of Paris.