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Senior Political Leader Video Leaked

Senior Political Leader Video Leaked was seen circulating on social media

Social media has made great strides across Pakistan since 2018. As a result, while people have benefited a lot, many people have also suffered a lot. Videos of many people have gone viral on social media across Pakistan since 2018. Most of them were people who belonged to the world of showbiz.

Recently another video was seen circulating on social media. The video is said to be by Zubair Umar, a senior Pakistani politician. At present, the trend of his name is also running at No. 1 in Pakistan. However, it is not clear in the video whether it is Zubair Umar or not. It could also be that someone like him is watching and his video is being shared on social media under the name of Zubair Umar. His opponents are making it viral on social media as well as criticizing him.

Showbiz & News on social media website Tutor has also shared this video.